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Still photographs do not do the product full justice. In order to appreciate the subtle iridescent hues of the replica male butterfly, go to the video link: See the Video!

Butterfly Replicas' artist Mike_G meets a live birdwing butterfly! Go to the video link: See the Video!

See details of our latest stunning replica!: Click Here
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(2D) Ornithoptera Priamus Euphorion Golden Aberration

(2D) Ornithoptera Priamus Euphorion Golden Aberration
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(1D) Ornthoptera Alexandrae (Typical Form) Economy Version


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 Given the time involved in creating these pieces the retail price is inevitably high.
Due to popular demand we have been looking at how we could offer a value version without degrading the overall quality of the display specimen.

This required simplifying the build process as detailed below:

Product is optimised for 'front view only'.

Legs, proboscis, hind wing scent hairs and underside details NOT modelled.

Wing veining substantially reduced to basic product strengthening requirements, whist still giving some contour relief to the front of the specimen.

Basic underside wing patterns remain but are no longer metallic / iridescent.

Iridescent hues on the front of the specimen simplified and restricted to 'blue areas' on forewings along with a subtle purple hue over the inner area of blue.

Version option limited to 'Typical form' only.

Can be supplied 'unpinned' for riker mounting

Female economy version not available. (The large size unfortunately means that full vein modelling is a requirement for the female)

Supplied in cardboard lift top box with polystyrene backing.

This results in a specimen that when viewed form the front is VERY close to the premium product but at a lower retail price.  As you can see from the photograph. ( DETAILED IMAGE AVAILABLE TOWARDS THE BOTTOM OF THE HOME PAGE)

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