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Still photographs do not do the product full justice. In order to appreciate the subtle iridescent hues of the replica male butterfly, go to the video link: See the Video!

Butterfly Replicas' artist Mike_G meets a live birdwing butterfly! Go to the video link: See the Video!

See details of our latest stunning replica!: Click Here
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(2D) Ornithoptera Priamus Euphorion Golden Aberration

(2D) Ornithoptera Priamus Euphorion Golden Aberration
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Are these real butterflies?

All butterfly products are totally synthetic - We do not deal in real insects

How fragile are they?

Although extremely robust compared to the real thing, as with any finely detailed model care should be taken when handling. Treat the product as you would the real thing for total piece of mind. 

Are they legal?

This is currently the only way to legally own/display a specimen of the CITES 1 protected Queen Alexandra's Birdwing Butterfly. We are totally committed to the protection of all CITES listed insects. 

How heavy are they?

Slightly heavier than the actual insect in order to remain robust for international shipping and general handling. 

How realistic do they look?

Our replica butterflies are designed to look as close as possible to the real thing when viewed from behind glass. They can be mixed with real specimens without looking out of place. 

Is the underside modeled?

Undersides of all specimens are fully modeled

What are they made of?

Each butterfly is constructed in materials which are individually tailored to suit the individual replica specimen. A protracted development process ensures that the materials are both robust and representative.

How do you manage to model the iridescent effects on the male wings?

Pearlescent/interference tinting is painstakingly hand applied to each specimen as required

Are the various appendages modeled (Legs etc.)?

all six legs (Tapered to suit), proboscis, eyes and antenna are faithfully reproduced

The real butterflies have areas of 'hair' (Actually elongated scales!) - Particularly around the abdomen and hind wings - Is this modeled?

Thorax and male hindwing hair is modelled 
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